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Please consider becoming a member of Transition Newcastle. For the small cost of $20 for the year (or $10 concession) you can help support our work. We also accept Mollies (20 Mollies or 10 Mollies concession).

As a community group, we have no regular income, but have various expenses particularly in relation to Transition Streets Challenge.

Entry to our regular meetings (the first Wednesday of the month) is free to members (otherwise entry is by donation)....

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The Transition Newcastle committee meeting is where we review our projects, plan coming events, and keep the group moving along.

We have a shared meal as part of the meeting

Everybody is welcome (including children). Contact us before hand to check where we are meeting each month (we move it around).


Nourishing Newcastle

If you love gardening
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It’s an exciting time to get involved with Nourishing Newcastle.  If you are passionate about fresh, local, urban, organic produce Nourishing Newcastle is looking for your support. 

The NNUTS stall @ Newcastle Farmers Market

Come and visit the Nourishing Newcastle Urban Tucker Stall (NNUTS) at the Newcastle Farmers Market (at the Broadmeadow showground) on the  2 nd and 4th Sunday of the month to support local urban growers who supply a range of delicious produce.  Find things you won’t find...


Concerned about climate change, resource depletion and environmental sustainability? Want to be part of a sustainable community? Looking for a more connected and vibrant way of life? So are we. Come and join us. (You can now join us on Facebook.) You can find out about our main projects by clicking on the following links: Transition Streets, a new upcycling project we are in the process of developing, Nourishing Newcastle, and a local initiative the Kids' Vegies on the Verge. You might also want to have a look at what's on and sign up for our emails.

Transition Streets

Nourishing Newcastle

Nourishing Newcastle (Annie)Nourishing Newcastle (Annie)

A new upcycling project