If we minimise transport needs, we can lower our greenhouse gas emissions significantly. In Australia, transport is about 15% of all emissions, while household transport is around 30% of the total  emissions of a household's.

People will patronise efficient, integrated public transport (single ticket and services that wait for each other across modes, phone notification of service arrival, and frequent and reliable services along popular routes).

Groups or individuals may wish to add a comment (Just register first) about how we can conserve transport energy and therefore greenhouse gas emissions.

Examples may include walking and cycling; car pool or hire; free public transport; free bicycles left around CBD for loan; regular and reliable public transport services (buses, light rail or trains) with realtime SMS alerts; express buses; living near trains and other public transport; better town planning to encourage working near home; work from home; encourage more bicyle-ways; higher density living along public transport routes; get retrained in jobs that do not require large travel (by trucks, planes etc.); replace your car/4-wheel drive with a more efficient one eg. a 5-6L/100km petrol car or diesel with additional particulate filter; remove government subsidies for business car travel and the discount for 4-wheel drive truck chasses; increase petrol taxes; light rail.

Please supply some details of what you would like to see and how it would work.